The Ultimate Guide to Using Sea Moss for Weight Loss

The Ultimate Guide to Using Sea Moss for Weight Loss
Let's be honest; we all want to shed those pesky pounds and maintain a healthy weight. However, finding the “right food” is the real challenge, but that's not the case anymore. Now you can achieve your fitness goals faster with this oceanic superfood.


Are you tired of trying every diet and workout regimen out there, only to find that you're still struggling to shed those extra pounds? 

Well, what if we told you that there's a natural superfood that can help you achieve your weight loss goals? Sea moss. This nutrient-packed seaweed has been gaining popularity as a weight loss aid, thanks to its ability to boost metabolism, curb cravings and promote healthy digestion.

Irish moss's high fibre and low-calorie content makes it a hit product for losing those extra inches. It contains carrageenan components that boost metabolism, increase liver functions, and keep you full longer.

Plus, it's packed with essential nutrients that can support overall health and well-being, making it a nutritious and healthy way to support your weight loss goals.

Let's learn the know-how of sea moss and weight loss. 


What is Sea moss?

Golden dried sea moss healthy food supplement rich in minerals and vitamins used for nutrition and health

Sea moss is a versatile seaweed that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries and is now becoming more and more prevalent in modern cuisine. It is rich in iodine that helps to upkeep the thyroid functioning, making it the perfect food to add to your weight loss diet. It's packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants; hence, a healthy addition to your weight loss smoothies, salads, and more!


Benefits of Sea moss for Weight Loss

From its skin-friendly properties to making your hair shinier and soft, sea moss is everything and more! We have talked more about this in our previous blogs. 

For today, let us focus on how sea moss is your knight in shining armour for your weight loss journey.

Recent studies have signalled that red algae (another name for sea moss) can help with obesity and weight loss. [1] 

While research on seaweed's comprehensive weight loss benefits is limited, recent studies suggest a positive result.

Here are some exciting sea moss weight loss benefits that’ll convince you to give it a go.

intermittent fasting weight loss
  • Keeps You Full Longer

The biggest obstacle people face while losing weight is hunger pangs and feeling underfed. It leads to overeating and becomes a hurdle in people's weight loss journey. Luckily, sea moss is a great food item that helps keep you full for longer.

Irish moss contains a healthy quantity of fibre and a lesser calorie count. This helps slow down digestion and prevent overeating.

Besides, carrageenan is a compound found in seaweed which is a soluble fibre and is indigestible. Therefore, consuming sea moss slows down the emptying of the stomach, which creates a feeling of fullness.

  • May Help with Binge Eating

After a stressful day at work or having a conflict with your partner, have you noticed yourself munching extra hard on snacks? 

People often resort to binge-eating after experiencing something stressful as a way to cope with the situation. It is common among the masses, however, binge-eating may delay your weight loss goals.

It causes people to gain a lot of weight abruptly and is a root cause of many diseases. As mentioned above, sea moss helps keep you full longer and prevents binge-eating. 

If you do have the habit of munching or emotional eating, sea moss can aid in suppressing intense cravings. The fibre-rich content of sea moss is the perfect solution for resisting having food at odd hours.

  • Increases Metabolism

Sea moss contains iodine, which is essential for thyroid function. Having enough iodine in your body helps the thyroid release hormones that contribute to metabolism.

On the contrary, less iodine means a lesser production of those hormones. It may cause thyroid issues and slow metabolism, which is the major contributor to increasing numbers on the weight scale. 

Additionally, sea moss also contains Citrulline-Arginine. The compound is also well-known for boosting metabolism in humans.

  • Could Help Your Gut

The gut houses millions of friendly bacteria that keep the surroundings healthy. Interestingly, the composition of these bacteria and obesity risk are connected, with one capable of triggering the other. But this delicate balance can sometimes get disrupted, leading to various health issues.

Certain gut bacteria can influence how the body stores and releases energy, ultimately affecting body weight. Thankfully, probiotics are great for maintaining a healthy and balanced gut. [2]

If you want to consume more probiotics, try sea moss. Carrageenan, a probiotic found in sea moss, enhances gut composition, thus aiding in weight management.

  • Burns Excess Fat

Sea moss also helps to lose belly fats which can be a natural and healthy addition to your weight loss routine. Let’s see how.

A study with a total of 78 participants found that consuming sea moss for 12 weeks helped reduce body weight and mass.[3] 

Irish moss is great for detoxifying the body and helps improve liver function. The liver then burns more fat and helps the body in lose weight.

Although sea moss helps with weight loss, it should not be considered an all-in-one product. Losing weight requires a lot of discipline, dedication, and willingness. 


Side Effects of Sea moss for Weight Loss

By now, you must have started believing that sea moss is the answer to all your worries. Although the superfood is great, consuming too much comes with a risk of some side effects. Experts recommend no more than 4 grams daily; otherwise, it may affect your thyroid and digestive system. 

Here are some possible side effects of sea moss for weight loss.

  • Digestive Troubles

Sea moss contains a considerable quantity of fibre. While fibre is beneficial for the body, consuming an excess amount of it can lead to health issues. The common outcome of a high fibre intake is digestive troubles like stomach aches, vomits, nausea, bloating, gas, and diarrhoea.

  • Thyroid Issues 

Too much iodine is a major risk factor for hyperthyroidism. Consuming a low quantity of iodine can mess with the thyroid gland. Similarly, eating more than the advised quantity can also trigger issues.

  • Allergic Reactions

Sea moss, although a natural compound, can cause allergic reactions. People use Irish moss orally or topically and apply it to their skin/ hair. Unfortunately, it causes allergic reactions in some people. So, always perform a patch test before adding sea moss to your skincare routine. 

  • Metal Contamination

Sea moss grows in the ocean; therefore, it absorbs many metals present in the sea.

Hence, consuming too much sea moss can cause metal contamination, which may lead to metal poisoning. It is the root cause of many other health issues. Some of them are arsenic, cadmium, lead, etc. 

This is why it is crucial to source sea moss only from authentic places that ensure any harmful metallic content has been filtered out before the final product is prepared.

Here at Myla’s Moss, we take your health seriously, which is why we go above and beyond to make sure that our products are hygienically derived from the prime waters of St. Lucia and are safe for consumption.

Give your body the nourishment and comfort it deserves with our sea moss gel today. Your body will thank you for it.


How to Use Seamoss for Weight Loss

Sea moss weight loss drink in a glass cup on grey background with shadow

The usage of seamoss for weight loss depends on your choices. Can you take it as it is? Or do you like mixing it in your food? Come have a quick look at one of the tasty ways you can incorporate sea moss into your diet. 

If a tasty drink brings you ultimate joy, then we have got a scrumptious sea moss fruit smoothie recipe for you. Here’s how to make a sea moss fruit smoothie to satisfy your hunger and taste buds. 

  • Add a cup of oat milk and your favourite fruit in a blender
  • Add sweeter and throw in a tablespoon of sea moss gel
  • You can also add a few tablespoons of yoghurt to make it thick
  •  Blend! Blend! Blend!
  • Serve it chill to enjoy a nutritious and yummy smoothie

Check this out to find out more about the exciting ways to add sea moss to your lifestyle. 


Now that you know seamoss for weight loss benefits, it’s time to add it to your diet. Sea moss is the way to go for a natural and sustainable way to lose weight. With its remarkable health benefits alongside weight loss properties, you will wonder why you didn't discover this star food sooner!



How to use sea moss for weight loss?

The top two ways of consuming sea moss are in gel form or by ingesting sea moss capsules. You can choose the gel option if you want to take organic and natural sea moss. Mix it with your drinks or food items if the smell and taste bother you.

Is sea moss good for weight loss?

Sea moss is great for weight loss as it contains high fibre while being low on calories. Fibre keeps you full for longer and suppresses hunger cravings. Besides, this seaweed contains iodine which aids the thyroid in boosting metabolism and an efficient metabolism is important to burn fat. 

Does sea moss help you lose weight?

Yes, its high fiber and low-calorie content make it a good fit for weight loss. Furthermore, sea moss helps detoxify the body and aid liver function. The liver helps your body burn excess fat, which can lead to weight loss. However, sea moss alone cannot help you achieve your weight loss goals. Low caloric consumption and exercise combined with sea moss will be your ultimate weight loss pack.

Does sea moss burn belly fat?

Yes, consuming sea moss daily can help reduce belly fat and may decrease the production of fat cells. Also, it decreases fat absorption in the body, reducing body mass. Sea moss also boosts your metabolism and detoxifies the body.

How much sea moss should I take daily for weight loss?

Although sea moss is excellent for weight loss, you must be cautious of daily consumption. Experts recommend not consuming more than 4 grams of sea moss daily.  

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